Are Tag Heuer Watches Good? – A Look Into The Case

Even today many different luxury brands are available in the horological world. TAG Heuer, a luxury watch brand, known for great precision chronograph watches, holds an exquisite number of prestigious partnerships over the years. Especially with golf and tennis tournaments, Formula 1 racing, and other royal sporting events. Tag Heuer has been a household name for decades.

This high-end watch brand’s secret is that it ensures precise, high-tech, and avant-garde timepieces that seek to break conventions as well as push boundaries.

So, it’s clear that they’re among the royalties in the watch-making industry. But “Are Tag Heuer Watches Good?” Yes. And the best part is that they’ve earned it fair and square.


Tag Heuer is not only a watch-making brand but also a Swiss luxury company that designs and manufactures fashion accessories, eyewears, and even cell phones.

The name “Tag Heuer” combines the initials of “Techniques d’Avant Garde” and Edward Heuer’s surname. “Techniques d’Avant Garde” means advance guard in French. Referring to the innovative and advanced works that push the boundaries of the norm beyond imagination.

Tag Heuer was founded by Edouard Heuer in 1860, in St-Imier, Switzerland. Tag Heuer is now 100% owned by Louis Vuitton, a renowned French fashion house and luxury retail company.

Are Tag Heuer Watches Good Quality?

TAG Heuer is synonymous with supreme quality. This Swiss company has been crafting durable and technically-complex timepieces since 1860. Tag Heuer watches have been used everywhere from land and water to space. In fact, Tag Heuer was the 1st Swiss brand to be worn in space missions when John Glenn wore a stopwatch on the Mercury-Atlas 6.

Such achievement shows us that the brand’s watches are capable and reliable of withstanding the harshest conditions. Tag Heuer is also the official timekeeper for many prestigious golf, tennis, and Formula 1 events – events where highly precise timekeeping is necessary.

We’ve gathered 6 reasons below to answer the “are Tag Heuer watches good quality” question for you.

Reasons Why Tag Heuer Watches Are Good


Tag Heuer is known to design and craft stunning watches that are also simple. Meaning, that their watches are without many complications (i.e. moon phase and day-date complication). Tag Heuer also utilises simple ETA movements on their watches. Because ETA movements are known to be more reliable and modern. Such arrangements do often need regular servicing and repairing, especially on their quartz movement watches.

But, don’t fret! A standard misconception is that watches with more complications are more worthy and of higher quality. This is certainly not true. Because Tag Heuer has been making watches like these for a long time and their watches have still remained reliable and high-performing.

Array Of Choices

Tag Heuer manufactures watches that are perfect for individual lifestyles, offering lots of different styles, sizes, colors, features, and materials. Meaning, that you can find a timepiece that matches your preferences. If you desire a sporty watch, try their Formula 1 watches. They come with unrivalled precision combined with sleek design and performance.

If you like a smartwatch to pair with your daily fitness routine, then their Connected watches are the right option as these are cutting-edge designed with features like GPS and distance tracking. For a classic touch, try the Monaco watches. Rich with heritage, they’ve risen in popularity after Steve McQueen’s 1970 film Le Mans.


Despite Tag Heuer’s lack of complications in their watches, the brand is able to establish itself as a desirable luxury watch brand. Because Tag Heuer keeps its innovative spirit and has a long-standing faithful connection with the Olympics. Its successful marketing has also amassed a strong following from popular athletes and celebrities worldwide.

One thing Tag Heuer has been doing really well to remain highly valued is to acquire and attract athletes and celebrity endorsements. For example, the CAZ1113.FC8189 Tag Heuer model is endorsed by Cristino Ronaldo. Hence, it has established itself as a desirable and status-making brand.

Always A Good Investment

Almost all of the Tag Heuer watches hold their values over the time – just like with other luxury timepieces. Remember to keep the original box and paperwork to prove the authenticity and retain its appropriate price later on. Also, these watches must be regularly cleaned and serviced (every 4 – 6 years) for maximum lifespan and performance. Any damages, rusting, or faulty parts will be checked, cleaned, and replaced as needed so that your watch is always working as it should.

Reasons Behind Its Prominence

Totem Pole Of The Sports World

Tag Heuer has always been a favorite in sports because of dual advantages – the watches are always made simple and due to their movements, have the ability to keep time extremely well. This was how Tag Heuer watches started ruling the Olympic events from the turn of the 20th century. Charles-Auguste Heuer offered a stopwatch for their timing races and it worked as intended. The model was Tag Heuer Mikrograph. It was also used in the 1920 Olympics. Mikrograph was the first stopwatch that was able to measure 1/100th of a second. It was also used in the consecutive Olympics of 1924 and 1928.

Tag Heuer And Racing Events

The Tag Heuer Carrera category was inspired by the Carrera Panamericana auto race (1950 – 1954) event which was a border-to-border 2,096 miles long race. Today Carrera line is a special category of watches paying homage to racing heritage by Tag Heuer. Jack Heuer was the 1st to create the popular TAG Heuer Carrera – the chronograph watch that acts as both an icon and a high-performance watch for race car drivers.

Pioneering Easier Chronograph

The original founder, Edouard Heuer, released the 1st chronograph in 1882. He carried the full brunt of the production costs. For a more sustainable solution, he started developing the rocking pinion (also known as oscillating pinion). Its goal was to craft a chronograph that’d be cheaper and simpler. He also made it easier to adjust and repair the watches to ensure quality assurance factor. He also made no reduction in performance aspects. In 1887, the pinion was released and it was successful – giving Tag Heuer more credence.

First Swiss Watch Worn In Space

The honor solely belongs to the Tag Heuer 2915A model. It was worn by John Glenn in 1962. It was a mission where he orbited the earth 3 times. The 2915A acted as a backup timer throughout the mission. Only aided the fact the high-performance ability of Tag Heuer watches.

The Steven McQueen Impact

The famous anti-hero TV persona during the 1960s and 1970s, Steve McQueen always wore Tag Heuer Monaco watches for the roles in sports/indie films. An instant hit since it was chosen by McQueen. Since then, Tag Heuer Monaco became an ultra-model for both racing professionals and Hollywood celebrities.

First Water-Resistant Automatic Chronograph

Tag Heuer also made the 1st water-resistant automatic chronograph. The development started in 1965 and was released in 1969. It could function as both a display and also as a timer. This innovation strengthened the brands’ ever-known innovative association with sports (including diving), which demanded quality chronographs.


Is Tag Heuer Considered A Luxury Watch?

TAG Heuer is an entry-level luxury brand. Tag Heuer has their own in-house movements. In-house movement is a prerequisite characteristic for a watch brand to be considered a true luxury watch brand.

Does Tag Heuer Hold Their Value?

Yes, they’re capable of holding their market value over many years. It’s made possible as they are crafted from the very best quality materials. The name Tag Heuer also is a valued brand name by itself.

How Long Does Tag Heuer Watch Last?

On average, a Tag Heuer needs winding after 40 – 70 hours of usage. With proper care and maintenance every 4 – 6 years, a Tag Heuer watch will serve you for decades.


Whether you are a loyal Tag Heuer fan or a diverse collector of luxury watches, Tag Heuer definitely capable of offering you a broad range of preferences and styles, to begin with, among other key factors.

A Tag Heuer timepiece, to this day, is still viewed as a worthy, sought-after, and prestigious collectable brand. Tag Heuer high-end watches tend to trade at higher price ranges too! It will be an educated choice for those who crave to own widely popular luxury watches.

And Tag Heuer can also be somewhat more affordably priced than the others. In fact, Tag Heuer can be a good 1st choice for first-time high-end watch collectors. The brand is now also known for its sports appeal and is prestigiously endorsed by contemporary athletes, celebrities, and watch connoisseurs which makes the brand almost universally relatable.

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