Different Types of Watch Bands And Straps

Wearing a watch is an excellent way to add class to an outfit. Every watch comes with a strap, and that strap plays a vital role in your appearance. Investing in a watch band is always cheaper than buying a new watch. watch bands change the style of your watch to a different level. There are hundreds of strap materials and designs available in the market, such as leather, rubber, steel, etc. Selecting an ideal band for you may seem a little daunting at first, but at the end of this article, you would know which band fits you best.

Watch Bands & Straps

A watch strap or watch band is that straps a wristwatch onto the wrist. Watch Band and strap are the same things. Watch straps are made of different types of materials. It can be leather, rubber, cloth, plastic, or metal, sometimes in combination. Watches aren’t just a functional machine- they are part of fashion, whether people wear daily or something only on occasions.

It can be considered as a fashion item, serving both a useful and decorative function. The band itself plays a significant role in your overall look. The marketplace offers different variants in color, style in straps. Everyone must know how many are there and what occasion they are being worn, from the necessary classical leather for formal outfits to tropic bands for a casual appearance.

Different Types of Watch Bands & Straps 

All watch lovers are fascinated about learning different types of watch bands and straps available in the market. In this article you will learn about types of watch bands. These are few types of watch straps that are mainly used nowadays:

Leather Strap

Leather is the most durable and natural material. Products made of leather are considered a luxury. A leather watch strap always goes with both casual and formal style in fashion, which means it goes with everything. There are different colors and designs for leather straps.  

Leather straps are comfortable because they are naturally soft and it is flexible and long lasting. Leather is an excellent material to use in wristwatch straps as it has all necessary qualities, and leather never goes out of style. There are three types of leather used for watch straps. Such as faux leather, genuine leather, and full-grain leather. 

The faux leather is fake leather made from plastic. So, making faux leather provides no harm to the animals. Genuine leather is durable than faux leather. It is an excellent choice as a luxury material.

Full-grain leather is one of the highest quality leathers available there. Although it looks the same as genuine leather, its materials are much more durable than genuine leather. Full-Grain leather straps are in many colors and designs.

Wooden Watch Band

Wooden watches are becoming popular nowadays. It is environmentally friendly and also very stylish. Wood is not only being used for the watch but also for the straps. Wood can be made and shaped in numerous designs. So, it is essential to understand which goes with your style.

Bund Watch Strap

The bund strap comes with an extra layer. It was invented for pilots, and It is even more valuable than telling time. With an additional layer of padding beneath the watch, they’re meant to protect the pilot’s wrist from burns in the occurrence of a fire. So, it might look a little bulky, but it comes with an advantage. 

As it covers wrist space, it can save you from the cold in winter, and this strap can also absorb sweat from your hand, protecting your back of the watch. If someone is allergic to specific watch material but still wants to use that material, this bund strap can easily save them from direct contact with the metal. However, this strap would be an excellent choice to wear in winter but not very good for summer as it may result in a lot of sweat on your wrist.

Silicone Strap

Silicone rubber is an elastomer consisting of silicone—itself a polymer containing silicon and carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. Silicone rubbers are widely used as a watch strap in the industry as silicone has high and low-temperature resistance. Its substance is non-toxic for nature and environmentally friendly. 

People want a strap that is soft on the wrist and very comfortable to wear daily. Silicone straps are widely used as a watch strap. Silicone rubber watch bands are very pleased to wear in winter because it makes a warm feeling in the hand. In summer, sweat doesn’t harm it. The silicone band’s surface is easily scratched by hard material, and once silicone bands are damaged, it is not so simple to recover them. You can take care of watch straps by venting them and keeping them waterproof.

Metal Watch Band

Metal is one of the most applied materials for both the watch and strap. Although stainless steel is often used, there are also the more expensive metals – silver, gold, and titanium. Metals are generally flexible and durable as metal can be used under any condition, including the swimming pool.

Metal straps are complicated to design as they are hard materials. They come in various designs. While they are tough, they are also quite tricky to change and modify compared to the other ones.

Stainless Steel Straps

Stainless steel is trendy for its durability. It is more durable than other expensive materials such as gold, titanium, silver, and platinum. Stainless steel is used for both the watch and strap. Stainless steel is a durable material that can survive bathing and diving. 

Although stainless steel straps are long-lasting, it isn’t easy to alter the appearance. And because the metal is heavy, it would be annoying to wear daily. Stainless steel watches and straps are quiet in style and don’t seem to wear out. 

Metal like stainless steel symbolizes toughness, stainless steel straps are designed uniquely. There are some brands mostly known for their stainless-steel design. Rolex makes market-leading watches. They used stainless steel in their “Oyster Bracelet.” Rolex introduced it in the mid-1900s, its bands were made from stainless steel.

Titanium Watch Band

Titanium has high toughness. It is almost double as strong as stainless steel and strong enough for machining, making products’ price. It can be easily scratched and stained, but despite that, it won’t break easily. The overall titanium watch band is lightweight and will feel comfortable when carrying it. Still, it is worth acknowledging for such a price; other materials would be good enough to last long at a lower price.           

Ceramic watch band

One of the unique wristwatch straps is Ceramic. It is challenging and hard to scratch, which ensures a pristine look even after years. It is crushed into the desired shape, and after tempering at a too high temperature, it often gets coated with an excellent layer of a valuable metal. Ceramic might look heavy, but its watch straps feel very weightless on the skin. It’s about the same weight as aluminum. 

The worst thing about ceramics is that it is not resistant to shattering. An accidental drop would probably break it. But that doesn’t change the desire for wristwatches and watch bands made of ceramic.

President watch strap

President watch strap is one of the most popular designs in the market. It has a similar construction to the oyster design, which has a link construction containing three links. But on the president’s watch, it has a shorter link, and it is not as durable as an oyster band. President watch strap is used with a formal outfit.


There are many types of fabrics for watch straps, such as Nylon. Fabric watch bands are excellent for sports because of their looks; it goes with sports outfits. A few of the more popular fabric watch straps are the NATO and the HULU. They have an extra strap that secures under the watch.

What is excellent about fabrics is that they are washable and dry very quickly. Fabrics come in many colors and styles, so it is a superb choice as a watch strap.

NATO Strap

You may not have heard the name NATO straps, but you must have seen people wearing it. It is a smartwatch band that has been in style for many years. This watch band is cherished and adored by almost every enthusiast; its reputation doesn’t seem to be going down anytime soon. 

In 1973 British Ministry of Defense Standard developed NATO straps for British army. It was hard to get hands-on with these straps. Soldiers had to fill out a questionnaire. The authority had to approve the document; they could get these watch straps from their supply property. At that time, the straps were only obtainable in a particular material. Nowadays NATO straps are available for everyone.

Nylon banding strap

Nylon is underrated as a watch strap. However, it is one of the best in class for watchband, especially in the summer. Wondering why? In summer, you must wear breathable material, durability, practicality, timeless design, comfort, and water resistance. Nylon comes with all of these qualities. It also tends to be more appealing than a meal strap. Also, nylon watch bands are simple to wash, and when wet, they evaporate quickly. 

If you need to go swimming with a nylon banding strap watch, you can be sure that water won’t wreck straps. These straps are remarkably tough and can endure almost anything. There are many colors and designs available so that you can suit it for whatsoever you want to wear. 

Perlon nylon-based watch straps are increasingly becoming more popular nowadays. Its nylon threads weaved into each other. One of the features of perlon is how it does not have any holes in it for the pin. Instead, the pin penetrates through the nylon. People like this strap because it has that incredible texture, unlike the other nylon straps. 

Milanese or Mesh Bracelet

This mesh strap is unique and very luxurious. Its construction is not like other steel types as it does not have small hooks for the connection between the links. This strap is made out of interwoven steel threads resembling a cloth being made of steel. It looks good on a very dressy look, but this strap has a class on its own.

How Do I Know My Watch Band / Strap Size?

There are few ways to know your watch strap size, and the easiest way is to check the backside of the band that you already own; some of them have an imprint, shown in millimeters. If you don’t have a strap or have any imprints, then there are other ways to know your strap’s size. Band size is the combination of two straps. Standard measurements for women are 165mm-180mm; men are 184mm-197mm. Below are the two ways you can measure your strap size.

Using a ruler:

If you have a ruler at your home, it would be easier to measure the lugs’ distance. If you measure in inches, then you can convert the inches to the millimeter.

Here is a handy chart:

1/4’’= 6mm

5/16″ =8mm

11/32″ =9mm

3/8″ =10mm

7/16″ =11mm

15/32″ =12mm

1/2″ =13mm

9/16″ =14mm

19/32″ =15mm

5/8″ =16mm 


The Digital Caliper is an accuracy instrument that can measure internal and external distances remarkably accurately. You can count most precisely by using a digital slide caliper. To calculate, you have to insert the calipers in the space between the lugs.

How to Choose A Watch Band / Strap?

Different watch bands go with different outfits. So, you must know what you should wear on your daily basis or occasions. Avoid common fashion blunders by matching your band style with the formality of the event.

Formal dress with a tie: 

In a formal event, you should dress like a gentleman where simplicity is the key. A simple classic watch with a black leather band is the perfect matching for that situation.

Business Dress: 

Business dress is the most elegant look for someone. It would be best to consider a classic and straightforward styled gold or silver watch with a thin dial. A black suit pairs best with a diver watch and a leather strap.


Casual is the hardest one and the easiest because people wear so many different outfits with variants in color and design. A metal band is generally proper for casual wear, while a leather band can be worn for any purpose. Any of the watch classes can be worn with jeans, a shirt, and dress shoes in combination.


In sports, you have a lot of body movements. A dress watch would be unsuitable. A rubber or NATO band would be a perfect fit for these kinds of body movements. A rubber band is waterproof, and you won’t feel sluggish when you sweat. It won’t absorb any water, and the materials allow you to concentrate on the activity – no need to bother about your watch snapping off your hand.


  • You can wear a black watch band with black shoes and a belt.
  • With a brown shoe, you should never wear a black band; it would look bad.
  • Rubber bands go with casual and sportswear. So, if you think about what you should wear at sports, get yourself a rubber band.
  • A metal material such as titanium, gold, steel band matches with any casual shirt
  • Rough leather straps work better with jeans. Such a watch would not be suitable at a dining event.
  • Smartwatches such as the Apple watch goes with a casual T-shirt and jeans.


How long a leather watch strap last?

It is said that a leather strap lasts about 18 months, but it depends on your usage. There is a tip for it to last more. If you ever need to wash the strap, use cold water and dry it with a soft cloth.

What is the most common watch band size?

Standard lengths are maintained for a watch strap. The standard is within 6 3/4 inches and 8 inches for women, depending on the style and producer. For men, the standard watch band averages between 7 3/4 inches and 9 1/2 inches.

What kind of watch goes with everything?

Although you need to match your watch with your outfit, A watch with plain black and leather or a steel strap will go with everything.

What is the loop on a watch band called?

Most watch brands have one or more loops on the strap to keep the band from flapping around. Identified by different names like hoop, retainer, loop, these loops are formally called “keepers,” and they can sometimes break.

Which watch band material is the best?

There are titanium and steel tough as rock, but they are more scratchable. So thinking about all the possibilities, Nylon and rubber are the best ones — they’re lightweight, soft, breathable, and can be cleaned free of any substance.


There are hundreds of watch bands available in the market, some of them are famous, and some are not. Every band has different material, color, and design. However, it would be best if you chose the matching band which goes with your outfit. Not every band design looks good on every outfit. You will find a wide range of color, variety, style, and texture in watch bands, you can choose which fits you best by the recommendation that we have given. 

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